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COD Mobile Best Peacekeeper MK2 Gunsmith Loadout

In our last post we have already told you about the best attachments for QXR in the game and today we are here with the best gunsmith loadout for Peacekeeper MK2. Peacekeeper is considered as one of the most popular weapons in the Call of Duty series. In Call of Duty Mobile, it is released […]

COD Mobile Best QXR Gunsmith Loadout

Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 has just arrived, and the new season has brought a lot of new content to the game. There will be more exciting content coming in the game, as Activision has promised to release new content in the coming days. In Season 13, Call of Duty Mobile has released two new guns, […]

Rank Reset Series 8 In COD Mobile Season 13 Explained

In our last post, we have already told you about the official release date of Season 13 which is set by the developers in the game. Also that the new season is titled “Winter War” and all other new features such as new snow maps, guns, skins, reload animation, a new vehicle in BR mode, […]

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