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Call of Duty Mobile: Credit Store Update Release Date And Man O War -Cardinal For Free

Season 11 is full of surprises for Call of Duty Mobile players, as there are so many new things added to the game every week. In the next weekly update, i.e., on 29 October, the developers will release the much-awaited Credit Store update. This date was officially announced by Activision in recent community update where someone asked […]

Call of Duty Mobile: How To Get New Sniper Rifle “NA-45” For Free

Call of Duty Mobile is celebrating its first anniversary this season. The developers have already said that they will not celebrate their anniversary day; instead, they will celebrate it for the entire month. Season 11 has already been released with lots of new exciting things. The developers have now released a new Sniper rifle in […]

COD Mobile RUS-79U Best Gunsmith Loadout

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 has just dropped, the new update has brought bucket filled of new content, and it’s just the beginning. In the coming days, Activision has promised to keep introducing new content such as New Scorestreaks, lethal weapons, maps, modes, etc. Gunsmith feature that has just arrived in COD Mobile today have […]

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