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Call of Duty Mobile: How To Get New Sniper Rifle “NA-45” For Free

Call of Duty Mobile is celebrating its first anniversary this season. The developers have already said that they will not celebrate their anniversary day; instead, they will celebrate it for the entire month. Season 11 has already been released with lots of new exciting things. The developers have now released a new Sniper rifle in […]

COD Mobile RUS-79U Best Gunsmith Loadout

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 has just dropped, the new update has brought bucket filled of new content, and it’s just the beginning. In the coming days, Activision has promised to keep introducing new content such as New Scorestreaks, lethal weapons, maps, modes, etc. Gunsmith feature that has just arrived in COD Mobile today have […]

COD Mobile Kilo Bolt-Action Rifle: Release Date, Guide and More

The leaks and rumors have turned out to be true! The developer of call of duty mobile has officially confirmed that a new weapon category is finally being added in Call of Duty Mobile. The new weapon type is ‘Marksman rifle,’ and the very first weapon which will be added to the game under this […]

COD Mobile Season 9 Battle Royale Update: Complete Details

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 update will bring lots of new features in the game, while the spotlight may be on the Multiplayer Mode, but a lot of changes are also being made to the Battle Royale Mode. You can find the complete details of the upcoming season 9 update in COD Mobile Battle Royale Mode in this […]

Download COD Mobile Season 9 Test Server 3.0 APK

In the last month, Activision has already hosted two public test server of Call of Duty Mobile, which showcased upcoming features of Season 9 and 10 of the game. All the players (also us) who were lucky enough to get into these test servers were absolutely amazed to see new perks, guns, and gun customization […]

COD Mobile Season 9 Update To Fix Desync Issue

Call of Duty Mobile is no doubt considered as the best multiplayer shooting mobile game currently available in the market. The daily active users might not be as high as PUBG Mobile, but COD Mobile is slowly getting there by breaking records of its competitive games with each new coming day. The current season of […]

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Weapons Balance Changes

The Call of Duty Mobile season 9 public test server was released a couple of weeks before, and as usual, based on it, the community assumed a lot of things. One of them was the upcoming balance changes in COD Mobile’s new season. The news went viral in the community so much that even some […]

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Rank Reset System

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 is just around the corner, and you must have probably gotten the news that the upcoming update will bring a lot of exciting new features in the game and the new season for Rank Series as well. The New Rank Season, i.e., Rank Series 6, will be introduced in […]

Free Purifier Legendary Operator Skin in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has lots of weapons and skins for them. Even for a free-to-Play player, there are like hundreds of gun skins available. But what if we tell you that now you can get a legendary operator skin in COD Mobile and that too for free. If you are confused, then let us […]


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