Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 Leaks; Release Date, New Maps, And New Weapon

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 is in its final stages now and this season has brought so many new things such as new characters, new skins, new weapons, new modes, and weapon balance changes. And the next Season 5 is on its way now, bringing lots of exciting content into the game.

Today, we are here with the Release Date of Season 5 and some leaks that are coming in the next season of Call of Duty Mobile.

When Will Season 4 End?

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 is about to end within 2 weeks as the developers themselves stated in their new community update. Also, the developers always put an in-game countdown of the remaining days of Battle Pass. This clock is placed in the game to help the players know how much time they have to complete the seasonal challenges and earn all other rewards.

As per the in-game timer, Season 4 is set to end on 28th June 2021, so if you have any Spurned & Burned Seasonal Challenges left to complete then what are you waiting for go and complete it now.

COD Mobile Season 5 Release Date?

Call of Duty Mobile’s new season always begins 24 hours after the last season end, and Season 4 is set to end on 28th June so Season 5 will release on 29th June 2021 at 5:30 IST.

COD Mobile Season 5 Leaks

Although there are no officials leaks about Season 5 by the developers on their social media or in-game. But there are several rumors about some maps and guns found in the game files that may be released in the next season.

New Maps

Aniyah Incursion: This is a new map that will be added in the next season, it was earlier seen in Modern Warfare. It is a medium-size map whose theme is designed as a Castel. This map consists of both indoor and outdoor locations and is considered the best map for 5v5 fights.

Suldal Harbor: It is a new map releasing in Season 5 of COD Mobile. This map is based on the harbor, containing lots of containers, storage buildings, and fences around the map.

Docks: It is a London shipyard with vessels traveling along the river. This map has already been released in Modern Warfare and is considered best for gunfights. This Map consists of 2 buildings, buildings 51: the Foreman’s office and building 52: the crew’s quarters located at north and south.

New Gun

CR-56 AMAX: It is a lightweight Assault Rifle, that gives you great mobility and ADS speed. Also, the recoil control for this weapon is quite easy to control and after the gunsmith, this weapon can be the new META in the next season of Call of Duty Mobile.

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So that’s it for the post; stay tuned for the upcoming leaks for Call of Duty Mobile Season 5. If you have any quires, then let us know in the comments below.

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