How To Unlock Overclock Perk In Call of Duty Mobile

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Call of Duty Season 3 out now, and there are many new things released in the new season. Earlier the developers have already stated that they will soon release the new Overclock Perk in the game and now finally it has been released in the game.

Today, in this post we will explain to you about the Overclock perk and how you can unlock this perk in the game for free.

What Is Overclock Perk?

Overclock perk is a new Red perk in the game which was earlier seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. This perk will increase your charging speed of the Operator Skill, and after equipping this perk you can use your operator skill more often as it will recharge it faster than before.

This perk is the first perk that has focused on boosting the operator skill, and now you can access Annihilator, Gravity spikes, War Machine, or any other operator skill more frequently.

How To Unlock Overclock Perk For Free?

Developers have recently released this Overlock Perk in the game through in-game seasonal events and players have to complete the following missions to unlock this perk:

  1. Win 3 Multiplayer Matches
  2. Kill 20 Enemies in Multiplayer Matches
  3. Use Operator Skills 10 times in Multiplayer Matches
  4. Kill 15 Enemies with Operator skill in Multiplayer Matches

After completing these missions your Overlock Perk will be unlocked and you can also get 25 Weapon XP Card and AGR .556 Birthstone skin for free if you complete these missions:

  1. Kill 25 Enemies with Overlock perk equipped in Multiplayer matches
  2. Win 10 Multiplayer Matches with Overlock perk equipped

Note: Players have to complete these missions in chronological order as mentioned above.

What Is The Time Frame To Get This Perk For Free In The Game

Players can unlock the Overlock Perk for free in the game by doing the above missions. The time frame to unlock this perk is approximately 28 Days from now. After this time frame, the seasonal challenge will get over, and then in the future, the developers might put it in the Credit shop for some amount.

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