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Call of Duty Mobile is here with a new event titled “Radioactive Agent Redemption” which is quite the same as the event that happened in April last year. The Developer has released this event as a celebration of Season 3 of Warzone and Verdansk 84.

Here is the trailer for the new Season 3 of Warzone:

How To Participate And Get The Redeem Token For Free

In the Radioactive Agent Redemption event, players can easily take part and earn that Redeem Token. Players just have to use their Call of Duty Mobile account to log in and play Warzone once and they will get a redeem token via in-game mails. Players account must be linked to Call of Duty Mobile and you can get more information to sign up Here.

In-Game Rewards For This Event

In this event, players will get a redeem token in the Radioactive Agent Redemption in-game and then they will be able to get one of three characters i.e., T.E.D.D., Hazmat Soap, and Hazmat Bomber.

Also, you can get a bonus for linking the account and get a Ghost: Stealth for free as a reward if you haven’t previously linked the account, and you will receive it through your in-game mail.

When Will You Receive The Rewards?

After playing Warzone it is possible that you might not instantly get the rewards. The time frame is up to 72 hours, in this time frame after playing warzone you will receive your in-game token. Also, if you didn’t get any in-game mail within 72 hours of playing Warzone then you can reach out to the support teams and we can check for your rewards.

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