COD Mobile Season 3 (2021); Release Date, New Weapons, Theme, New Maps, and New Modes

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 is about to end, and in few days a new season will begin which will bring many new things such as Guns, Maps, Modes, Scorestreaks, and much more in the game.

Today in this post we are here with all the confirmed information regarding the upcoming Season 3 in the game.

Release Date of COD Mobile Season 3?

Season 2 is set to end on 16 March 2021, and as the very next day the new season will start, so Season 3 will start on 17 March 2021. If you haven’t completed any events featured in season 2 then finish it ASAP.

New Theme For Season 3(2021)

Call of Duty Mobile has titled Season 3 as “Tokyo Escape”. It means next season is based on Japanese culture, so get ready to use swords in the game.

New Weapons Coming in Season 3(2021)

  • PP19 Bizon: Developers have recently shared an image of PP19 Bizon on their official social media handles and stated that it will be released in the next season. This weapon is known for its fast fire rate and large mag size, although the damage of this weapon is quite low as compared to other SMG’s.
  • Renetti: It is a secondary weapon that is seen in Modern Warfare. It is a 3 round burst fire pistol, with a very fast fire rate. It will be very interesting to see its build in the gunsmith mode in COD Mobile.

New Mode Coming in Season 3

Zombie Mode: Activision has already confirmed the return of zombie mode in the game. They stated that it will be released in the Chinese version first and then it will be released globally. So there are chances that in the next season i.e., Season 3 the updated version of zombie mode would be released.

If you wanna know more about the upcoming zombie mode then check out this Article.

New Map Coming in Season 3

  • Coastal Map: It is an orangish map with stairs, a dome, an underground location, and much more. It looks very similar to Seaside from Black Ops 4.
  • Oasis Map: Finally after a long wait oasis map is releasing in COD mobile Season 3. Developers in their post have released an image showing this map, and they stated that it will be released in the next season. It is an up-market hotel in Dubai and can go underwater.
  • Monastery Map: This is the new map releasing in the next season, it is a mixture of both indoor and outdoor locations. It is designed as a monastery and will be released in the Chinese version only.

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So stay tuned with us. And comment below what are your favorite things that are coming in Season 3 (2021) in Call of Duty Mobile.

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