Call of Duty Mobile: Free “BY15 SIGHT UNSEEN” Redeem Code

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Call of Duty Mobile never misses a chance to surprise its players, if you already know the concept of Redeem Code then you must know that the developers time to time release some free redeems code of skins, emotes, guns, etc. during some special events. And now the developers have released another free redeem code for the skin of BY15 Sight Unseen.

Developers release very few unique redeem codes via which any players can claim free gun skins, outfits, etc. in the game. The developers have already released the redeem code via which you can now get BY15 SIGHT UNSEEN for free in the game.

Today in this post, we will tell you what’s the redeem code by which you can get free BY15 Sight Unseen for free and teach you how to use Redeem Codes in Call of Duty Mobile.

How You Can Get BY15 Sight Unseen For Free In Call of Duty Mobile:


Step 2: Enter Your Character ID (UID) & Redeem Code

Redeem Code: BKHDZBZ7U5

Step3: Click on Redeem and Confirm

Step 4: Go to COD Mobile and Open Your In-Game Mails and Claim your Rewards

Follow these simple steps and you will get your BY15 Sight Unseen skin for free. Also, we ourselves have checked this code and it is definitely working. So hurry up and use this COD Mobile redeem code right now as it is only applicable till 1st April 2021.

What Is UID And Where Can I Find It?

UID means Unique Identification. Every player in the game has their UID which is your in-game identity number. You can find it on your profile page, as shown in the image below:

Why COD Mobile Is Giving This Skin For Free?

Call of Duty Mobile has recently completed 1M subscribers in their YouTube Channel and as an appreciation to the players for the support they shown in COD Mobile, the developers wanted to give a little something to their players. In their recent Tweet they said; “In celebration of our YouTube channel hitting 1M subs, we wanted to give you a little something”.

Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • The COD Mobile Redemption Website is very slow, so be patient.
  • If the screen is stuck at loading, then try it desktop mode in chrome and it should work.
  • This redeem code will work only on the Global Version.

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So that’s it for this post, and don’t forget to share it with your friends so that they can also get this skin for free. Stay tuned with COD Mobile Nuke for more such COD Mobile Redeem Code. And if you have any more queries, then let us know in the comments below.

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