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COD Mobile is Finally Releasing Extra HUD Layouts

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 1:New Order has been released and there are so many new things that have been added to the game. With the new season, many players were hoping to see an extra HUD layout in the game but still, it hasn’t been released yet.

Players always wanted an extra HUD layout in the game as one HUD layout is not enough, and they get tired of changing their single HUD layout in the game. Today in this post we will give you information about the extra HUD layout which might release in the game very soon.

What Does HUD Layout Means?

HUD Layout is the in-game layout of your controls. The controls which display on your screen while playing. For example; shoot button, slide, jump, and so on. In Call of Duty Mobile currently, there is only one HUD layout available, and players find it difficult if they try some new changes in their layout.

COD Mobile HUD

When Will Extra HUD Layout Be Released?

Call of Duty Mobile recently released its Chinese version and the developers have already released an extra HUD for that version and it is assumed that very soon it will also be available for the global version. There is some rumor’s that it is set to release in the next season.

COD mobile control loadout

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So stay tuned with us, as we will let you know as soon as we get any other information regarding releasing of extra HUD layouts in the game. And comment below what are your thoughts for getting extra HUD layouts in Call of Duty Mobile.

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