COD Mobile Season 1 (2021): Release Date, New Guns, Theme, Modes, and More

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 is in its final stage now, and the officials have already stated that they will not release Season 14 instead there will be a New Order which will take you back to Season 1. The new season is titled Season 1:New Order which will take you to the future.

Release Date of Call of Duty Mobile Season 1

Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 will end on 26 January 2021. Instead of releasing Season 14, the developers will release a new order from Season 1. Season 1 is set to release on 27 January 2021 at 5:30 IST.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 New Theme & Teaser

Call of Duty Mobile next season i.e., Season 1 is themed in high-tech style and developers have themselves confirmed that the next season will be fantastical and will be more focused on future tech. Also, Activision in their latest Tweet has released the teaser of next Season 1.

New Weapons Coming in Season 1 2021

2 new weapons will be released in Season 1 2021 are:

  • FR 5.56: This weapon was earlier seen in Modern Warfare and is one of the fan-favorite weapons in the game. It is a three-round burst fire Assault Rifle that has amazing accuracy and can be used in any range fight in Call of Duty Mobile. It will be available in Battle Pass of Season 1 2021.
  • SKS: As promised by developers, SKS is another Marksman rifle, although it is a single shot sniper, it has an amazing fire rate like the QXR. This Weapon will be available in Seasonal Challenges in Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 2021.

New Maps

Reclaim: Reclaim is a colorful map that contains Christmas trees, buildings, a snowman, and much more. Reclaim is a small-to-mid-sized map featuring a pedestrian walkway flanked by boutiques in the center and barricaded roadways to either side. A central covered walkway runs perpendicular over the ground floor leading to additional storefronts.

New Operator Skill Coming in Season 1

Gravity Vortex: This operator acts like a launcher and projectiles that distort gravity when fired. Also when it disappears it causes explosive damage to everything in its path. This operator skill will be added in the next season.

New Modes Coming in Next Season

  • 3v3 Mode: This mode is the same as the 2v2 mode, the only change is the number of players. In this mode, you can play 3v3 with other players.
  • Grind: In this mode, there will be 2 points A and B. Players have to kill their enemies and collect their Dog tags. Once players collect those Dog tags then they have to stand on any points A or B and those points will be automatically added to your score.
  • Attack of the Undead 20, and developers have also confirmed that there will a new mode for Battle Royale too.

New Voices and Gunsmith update

Voices: In Season 1 2021 some of your favorite operators will be getting new voice-overs, including the voice of the all-time favorite of every player “Ghost”.

Gunsmith Update: The developers confirmed that there will be no changes in the gunsmith mode. They stated, “No, there are aspects of this being tweaked constantly and some of that should be coming soon, but there aren’t any major changes to this system in the S1 update.”


So stay tuned with us. And comment below what are your favorite things that are coming in Season 1 (2021) in Call of Duty Mobile.

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