Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 Official Release Date and Everything That’s Coming

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After a big delay in the season, Call of Duty Mobile is now set to release its new Season 13. Season 13 has been delayed as there is lots of new thing coming in the next season such as new maps, 2 new guns, operator skills, scorestreak, perks, new modes and much more. Today in this post we will tell you about the official release date of Season 13 and all new things that will be released in Season 13.

Release Date of Call of Duty Mobile Season 13?

Officially Season 13 was set to release on 16 December, but it has been delayed as the developers needs more time to test the update and fix all bugs. The developers are also working on Desync issues faced by many players in the game, so hopefully, the desync issue will be solved in the next season. Now, Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 will be officially released on 22 December 2020.

Theme for Battle Pass in Call of Duty Mobile Season 13:

As you would already know by now that the next season’s theme is based on snow. The developers have titled the next season theme “Winter War“. In the next season, you will see many maps covered with snow and you might also see some Christmas events.

New Maps in Call of Duty Mobile Season 13:

  1. Nuketown Russia: This map is a Russian version of the Nuketown map. The size and structure of this map are the same as the old Nuketown, but the building, cars, trailer, etc. have been completely changed. Also, you will see lots of snow on this map.
  2. Raid Holiday: One of the favorite maps of many players in the game is coming with snow effect. As in Season 13 Raid map will be covered in snow and it will be quite fascinating to play in the Raid map with snow around the map.

New Guns Coming in Call of Duty Mobile Season 13:

  1. Peacekeeper: Originally an amazing lightweight Submachine Gun (SMG) with significantly better range and accuracy, and takes 4 to 6 shots to kill your opponents in long-range fights. But in COD Mobile it will be released as an Assault Rifle.
  2. MK2: It was earlier featured in Call of Duty: Warfare and Black Ops 2. It is a Submachine Gun that has a fantastic fire rate and very low recoil. It has an amazing iron site which gives you clear visibility to easily aim at your enemies.

New Operator Skill, Scorestreaks, and Tactical Equipment that are Coming in Call of Duty Mobile Season 13:

  1. Gravity Vortex Gun (Operator skill): This operator acts like a launcher and projectiles that distort gravity when fired. Also when it disappears it causes explosive damage to everything in its path.
  2. EMP System (Scorestreaks): It disables all enemies’ electronics. It disables your enemy’s throwables, scorestreaks, and operator skills for a limited period.
  3. Gas Grenade (Tactical): It acts like tear gas and causes deceleration, blurred vision, and coughing. Once this gas grenade is released anyone who came in contact can now do Hip-Fire only.

New Reload Animation:

Season 13 will entirely change the reload style of every weapon. In next season there will be a new reload animation in which you will see the full and proper reload animation of your weapon. This will be quite interesting to see how the actual reload of the weapon looks in the game.

New Modes Coming in Season 13:

  1. Grind: In this mode, there will be 2 points A and B. Players have to kill their enemies and collect their Dog tags. Once players collect those Dog tags then they have to stand on any points A or B and those points will be automatically added to your score.
  2. 3v3 Mode: This mode is the same as the 2v2 mode, the only change is the number of players. In this mode, you can play 3v3 with other players.
  3. There will be 2 other modes that will be released in the midseason and i.e., Hardcore Hardpoint and Hardcore Headquarters.

New Updates for Battle Royal Modes in Season 13:

  1. Desperado (Perk): This will be added as a new class in Battle Royal mode. It will help you to get a Shield Turret, same as you get in multiplayer mode. This can be very useful when you are caught off guard or you are out of ammo.
  2. Snowboard (Vehicle): The Developers have decided to put a cool snowboard in the battle royal mode. Players can use this snowboard in the snowy area in the game. It will be auto equipped for every player and once you come to any snowy area then you can go for a little snow ride.

Other Things Coming in Call of Duty Mobile Season 13:

  1. Diamond Camo: Finally the developers are releasing the Diamond Camos for every weapon in the game. These camos are super cool and you can easily get these camos as you get the gold ones.
  2. Rebirth Map: This map was recently released in Call of Duty mobile: Warzone, and now the developers are releasing it on the mobile version as well. This is an Island located in the middle of the ocean. And Players can enjoy this map on battle royal mode.

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So stay tuned with us. And comment below what are your favorite things that are coming in Season 13 in Call of Duty Mobile.

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