COD Mobile Season 13: Community Update, Public Beta Test Server and Cancellation of Stage 5 World Championship 2020

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 is on its way now, and the developers have recently released its new community update on Reddit. In this update, they have released information on new events, playlists, bug reports, news on the Grand Finals of the COD Mobile World Championship 2020, modes, and some updates about the public test build which is coming in Season 13.

Theme For Season 13

After the Dark in Season 12, there will be snow coming in Season 13. Season 13 theme is based on Christmas and next season is gonna be full of snow.

New Maps In Season 13

In Season 13 a new map will be released. A leak has already been released by the developer which indicates the updated version of the Nuketown map. Also, the developers have released a picture of Raid map covered with full snow.

New Guns For Season 13

There will be two new guns that are going to be released next season. One is ‘Peacekeeper‘ which is an Assault Rifle that you will get in the Battle Pass of the next season. Another is ‘MP7‘ which is a Submachine Gun which you can get for free from Seasonal Challenges in the game.

Update About Grand Finals of COD Mobile World Championship 2020

The developers of Call of Duty Mobile have just announced that they have taken the decision of cancelling the stage 5 i.e. the finals of Call of Duty Mobile World Championship, which was schedule to take as a offline LAN event due to the pandemic.

The prize pool of $1 Million will now be shared equally between the 7 teams that qualified stage 4 and were practicing for this ESports event.

The list of teams which has been qualified in Stage 5 of World Championship 2020 are:

  • Team Mayhem: Other Regional Playoffs
  • Rejection: Japan Regional Playoffs
  • Influence Rage: LATAM Regional Playoffs
  • Tribe Gaming: North American Regional Playoffs
  • Kings Clan: Western Europe Regional Playoffs
  • T1: South Korea Regional Playoffs
  • NRX JEREMIAH: Garena Regional Playoffs

When Will COD Mobile Season 13 Public Test Server Release?

In Public Beta Test Server of COD Mobile Season 13, you can test out various new maps like Nuketown 2.0 and guns like Peacekeeper (Assault Rifle), MP7 (SMG), and various other new things which will be released in the game in coming days.

The developers have officially confirmed that the Beta Test Server is now on its way and will be released later this week. The Beta test server is available for a limited number of players. And the limit is set to the first 20,000 users.

So stay tuned with us, as we will post as soon as the Public Beta Test Server is released. And comment below what do you think about the upcoming Season 13 in Call of Duty Mobile.

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