“Peacekeeper” Is Coming In Call of Duty Mobile Season 13

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 is just around the corner. And there is no doubt that next season will be fantastic as the Winter is coming in Call of Duty Mobile. We have already told you about the new maps and other features in our previous post, but today we are here with the upcoming weapon, which will be released next season.

In Season 13, the Peacekeeper gun from Black Ops 2 is coming in Call of Duty Mobile. The developer has officially confirmed this leak. The official Call of Duty Mobile twitter has recently posted an image of this gun and said, “Can you guess the weapon!⁣ ⁣ Coming to #CODMobile in the next season!”.

The Peacekeeper gun is a lightweight Submachine Gun (SMG) with significantly better range and accuracy. This weapon is a hybrid between a Submachine gun and an Assault Rifle. This SMG is used for longer rages fights and takes 4 to 6 shots to kill your opponents. This weapon has moderate low recoil, so you can easily control this weapon. Also, the magazine capacity for this gun is 30 bullets per mag (without attachment).

In Season 13, you can acquire this weapon through Battle Pass. It is also yet to confirm that this weapon will be available as an Assault Rifle (AR) or Submachine Gun (SMG) in Call of Duty Mobile. Originally, it is an SMG, but there have been many rumors that in Call of Duty Mobile, it will be released as an AR version.

So that’s it for the post; stay tuned for the upcoming leaks for Call of Duty Mobile Season. And comment below what do you think about the upcoming new Peacekeeper in Call of Duty Mobile.

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