COD Mobile Season 13: New Full Reload Animation Leaked

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In our previous post, we have already told you about the upcoming map “Nuketowm 2.0” which will release in season 13. Now, the developers have leaked the new reload animation that will be released in the coming next season.

In their promo material, call of Duty Mobile has released a promo of the new full reload animation style that will be added in the next season. The Call of Duty Mobile team always tries to make the game more realistic, and with this new reload animation, it will indeed become more real.

A teaser has also been leaked in which you can clearly see the reload of being more real than before.

In this new reload animation, you can see step-by-step how the gun is reloaded, and there are different animations for every gun. So it seems like Call of Duty Season 13 has already made its way to be more exciting and realistic.

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So that’s it for the post; stay tuned for the upcoming leaks for Call of Duty Mobile Season. And comment below what do you think about the upcoming new reload animation coming in Season 13 in Call of Duty Mobile?

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