COD Mobile To Launch First Ever UAV Skin

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Call of Duty Mobile is a popular online multiplayer shooter mobile game. It has millions of players around the world and is a free-to-play game.

Call of Duty Mobile is on its 12th season now and till now there have been no skins seen for the scorestreaks in the game. But wait for the first time in the game Activision is now going to introduce skins for scorestreaks in the game.

Activision has planned to introduce a UAV skin for the Multiplayer mode in the game. In one of their recent tweets, Call of Duty Mobile has released a teaser for this UAV, which is coming next week in the game.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is a scorestreak in the game which a player can acquire each time by scoring 400 points in the match. Once launched, it will show your enemies’ location on the map, which gives you an upper hand during the fight.

The players have mixed feelings for this edition in the game, as some people are excited to see the new UAV skin, and some think it is just another useless addition in the game. Maximum players criticize this addition in the game because they feel nobody notices the UAV and paying for it is also unsuitable.

Call of Duty Mobile has recently nerfed the UAV scorestreak in the game, and now releasing its skin, according to us, does not seems to be a good idea..

So that’s it for the post; stay tuned for the upcoming leaks for Call of Duty Mobile Season 12. And comment below what are your thoughts about the new upcoming UAV skin in the game?

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