Call of Duty Mobile Season 12: Night Maps, New Guns and More

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Call of Duty Mobile has officially announced the patch notes for season 12, and if you are eager to know about the upcoming features coming in the game or want to know about the new guns and maps coming in next season, then this is the right place.

Here are the official patch notes for COD Mobile Season 12, which will give you a clear vision for next season.

Season 12 Official Release Date?

In our previous post, we already told you about the release date for season 12. And it is now confirmed that the new Season 12 will be released on 11 November 2020 at 5:30 IST. 

The theme for Season 12?

The Battle Pass name for Season 12 is “Going Dark.” This season is named going dark because there will be night maps in the game this season. The developers have already given a hint that the Summit map will have night mode in the game. The developers posted this in the Reddit community update.

The Premium Pass + Rewards: Karambit, Profile, Frame, and Charm. And Free Pass: Ballistic Shield (Tier 14) and AGR556 (Tier 21).

New Map Coming in Season 12?

Hackney Yard: This map was available in Modern Warfare, which is now coming to COD Mobile in Season 12. This map is made for action as it is a close and medium-range map. And if you like close combat fights, then this is the right choice for you.

New Nights Maps in Season 12?

Call of Duty will now finally release night maps. The night mode will be available for TDM and Attack of the Undead, and maps in which it will be available are Crash, Summit, and Hackney Yard.

New Character and Skins in Season 12?

Velikan Megalith & Caption Price: Death of Night will be the new characters.

New Weapons, Skins, and Operator Skill

New Guns:

  • AGR556: If you have played Modern Warfare then you will remember this gun as AUG. It will be available in the battle pass of season 12 at Tire 21.
  • Desert Eagle: This is a very famous pistol in shooting games, and it will be available as a Seasonal challenge in the game.

New Skins:

Type 25: As we know type 25 is a very popular gun and after seeing its popularity the developer will release its new skin i.e. Type24: Infiltrate which will be available in battle pass.

New Operator Skill:

Ballistic Shield: It is a new operator which will be added in the game in the next season. You carry this shield with a automatic pistol attached to it. Basically you can take it as a moving cover and shoot your enemies with a automatic pistol.

Weapon Balance Changes (Buffs and Nerfs)

  • Cordite: Increased ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy
  • Razorback: Increased Recoil Stability, decreased Horizontal Recoil, extended mid-range damage drop off
  • Fennec: Increased Recoil Stability, decreased Horizontal Recoil, Slightly increased top of the recoil track
  • AK117: Increased upper-body damage, and increased damage dropoff distance in mid-range
  • BK57: Improved recoil pattern and increased stability
  • KRM-262: Reduced bullet density and maximum damage range
  • BY-15: Reduced maximum damage range
  • Echo: Reduced maximum damage range
  • Shadow Blade: Increased charge time, and decreased active duration
  • Transform Shield: Increased charge time, and decreased active duration
  • Concussion Grenade: Slightly reduced effect duration
  • Transform shields: Increased damage dealt to transform shields via explosives
  • EMP: EMPs will now always 1-shot transform shields

Ranked Mode

  • Added Frontline into the mode selection
  • Increased point gain from Domination and Hardpoint

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So that’s it for the post; stay tuned for the upcoming leaks for Call of Duty Mobile Season 12. And comment below what do you think about Season 12?

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