Top 5 Best Guns In Call of Duty Mobile

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Call of Duty Mobile has become one of the biggest games on mobile devices. In this popular action shooting game, you can get your squad and play it for hours without getting tired. The gamers have much loved the multiplayer mode since its launch, and in recent days Activision has made the Battle Royale Mode perfect as well. 

The developers have designed it as a very fast-paced mobile game, and every season, there are various nerfs and buffs for weapons in the game. The current Season 11 is fascinating, as this is the first anniversary season for the game.

So after reviewing all the minor and major details of the guns, we are here with Top 5 Best Guns in COD Mobile and its attachments, which will improve your gameplay and lead you to a flawless victory.

5. Locus

You might be wondering why Locus is in the top 5 list and not DLQQ. It’s because Locus has an insane ADS speed, and you can easily quick scope with this gun. It is the most versatile sniper rifle, and the mobility is very impressive.

Locus is best for any range, either it’s short-medium, or even long-range. This sniper is a complete beast, and we would recommend that if you are good at sniping, you should definitely use Locus, and if you are new to this game, you can start from DLQQ.

The Best LOADOUT for Locus Sniper Rifle is:

4. GKS

The most underrated gun from the last few seasons has now become the most amazing SMG in the game. It is very efficient for close and medium-range as it kills faster in close range.

It comes with high damage per shot and has very low recoil, making this weapon very versatile. The movement speed is also quite amazing with this gun. The only downfall is its magazine size, as it has a small capacity magazine size.

3. DR-H/ HVK

DR-H is one of the best Assaults Rifle in the game as it takes only 4 shots to kill your opponents. The recoil control for this weapon is quite easy, and this gun’s mobility is also very decent. In short it’s the best assault rifle you can use at the moment.

HVK is also a fantastic choice of weapon to use as it gives you a feel of using a Sub-machine gun (SMG) with high versatility. This is very good for close range as it has a fast fire rate, and can also be used for higher ranges.

2. KRM/BY-15

KRM and BY-15 have become one of the most effective guns in the game. As being a shotgun, it only requires a single shot to kill your enemies. This weapon is handy for close and medium-range fights in the game.

With the new gunsmith feature, these shotgun has become one-shot kill weapon for long-range also. The only disadvantage with these shotgun is when you get hitmaker, so if you have good accuracy, it may be the META (Most Effective Tactic Available) for you.

1. Chopper

You must be surprised to see Chopper leaving all the other guns behind and leading the top 5 list. It has a vast magazine size of 100 bullets without any extended mag.

The core point of this gun is ‘Heavy Handle’, as it gives you amazing visibility to see through. It is best in any range as you can easily spray, tap fire, or burst fire your opponents. Also, you can easily spray across the map with this weapon or go for a wall bang.

Trust us, go use Chopper for a couple of games. However make sure not to use it like other gun, keep it spraying on the enemies, even if they hid behind a cover. Use Pre-fire and don’t try to reload after every bullet. And just look at your results after it.

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So that’s it for the post; which is your current favorite weapon inside Call of Duty Mobile? Do let us know in the comments below.

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