Call of Duty Mobile: Credit Store Update Release Date And Man O War -Cardinal For Free

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Season 11 is full of surprises for Call of Duty Mobile players, as there are so many new things added to the game every week. In the next weekly update, i.e., on 29 October, the developers will release the much-awaited Credit Store update.

This date was officially announced by Activision in recent community update where someone asked about the release date of the credit store update and the officials replied: “It is every two weeks, so the next one should be landing in one week on 29 October (PT)!”.

In their upcoming weekly update, they will also add some more Halloween stuff, and they will also add many more new seasonal challenges in the game. If we talk about the playoffs, then developers will also add a recap of the North America Regional playoffs, which you can enjoy watching.

How To Get Man-O-War: Cardinal For Free?

It is now officially announced that Man-O-War: Cardinal will be available in the game in its next update. Man-O-War: Cardinal will be available in Credit Store only for 10000 Credit points. This skin is an epic skin in the game, which you can get for free. And as mentioned above, the credit store will be updated in the next week on i.e., 29 October.

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So that’s it for the post; are you excited about getting epic skin for free in the game? Do let us know in the comments below.

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