Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Rank Reset System

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 is just around the corner, and you must have probably gotten the news that the upcoming update will bring a lot of exciting new features in the game and the new season for Rank Series as well.

The New Rank Season, i.e., Rank Series 6, will be introduced in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9, which means that everyone’s rank will be reset at the beginning of the new season.

If you are currently legendary, we are sad to tell you that you will soon be getting demoted to Pro I Rank. But then on the bright side, you will get to earn new rank rewards and also the Rank Season 6 Legendary Frame.

When Will Ranks Reset In Call of Duty Mobile Season 9?

A player’s rank in COD Mobile gets reset at the begging of a new rank season. As per the recent news, the Call of Duty Mobile’s New Season is scheduled to release on 8 August 2020, so this will be the date for rank reset.

What Will My Rank Reset To COD Mobile Season 9?

The Ranks will recent in the following manner. You can check out what your new rank will be after the reset against your current rank.

  • Legendary -> Pro I
  • Master V -> Elite V
  • Master IV -> Elite IV
  • Master III -> Elite III
  • Master II -> Elite II
  • Master I -> Elite I
  • Pro V -> Veteran V
  • Pro III & IV -> Veteran IV
  • Pro I & II -> Veteran III
  • Elite IV & V -> Veteran II
  • Elite II & III -> Veteran I
  • Elite I & Veteran V -> Rookie V
  • Veteran III & V -> Rookie IV
  • Veteran II -> Rookie III
  • Veteran I -> Rookie II
  • Rookie I,II,III,IV & V -> Rookie I

What Else Should I Know About Rank Reset in Call of Duty Mobile?

Whens ranks will get reset at the begging of Season 9 in Call of Duty Mobile. The highest rank of the players will be Pro I. Thus, if you ever wanted your name to be on the global leaderboard, this will be the best time to push your rank.

But don’t think that you only know this trick, just like you thousands of other players are also waiting for ranks to reset so that they can also climb up the global leaderboard.

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